Ailes Marines

Ailes Marines is a simplified joint stock company (SAS) 100% owned by IBERDROLA, following the purchase in 2020 of the shares held by RES and Banque des Territoires.
Winner in April 2012 of the call for tenders n°2011/S 126-208873 for the offshore wind farm project in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, Ailes Marines is in charge of the development, construction and operation of the offshore wind farm, in the zone defined by the French Government, off the coast of Brittany.
To carry out the offshore wind farm project in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, Ailes Marines relies on a multinational project team of more than 100 people, about 50 of whom are based in France. This team is set to grow significantly as the offshore work starts.

Iberdrola Renovables Internacional

With more than one hundred years of history, Iberdrola is one of the three largest energy companies in the world. Iberdrola supplies electricity to 100 million customers in dozens of countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom (ScottishPower), the United States (Avangrid), Brazil (Neoenergia), Mexico, Germany, Italy and France. In addition, Iberdrola operates more than 1.2 million kilometres of power transmission and distribution lines around the world.
Above all, over the past 20 years, the company has anticipated the energy transition by actively participating in the decarbonisation of the power sector. As a result, Iberdrola has become the world leader in wind power and the leading investor in renewable energies.
Iberdrola relies on a multinational team of more than 35,000 employees working in 31 countries. In France, in addition to the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind project, Iberdrola is present in the retail energy market and in the fields of onshore wind and photovoltaic solar energy.
With 12.4 GW of offshore wind projects at various stages of development worldwide, Iberdrola currently operates three offshore wind farms: West of Duddon Sands (Irish Sea, 389 MW), Wikinger (Baltic Sea, 350 MW) and East Anglia One (North Sea, 714 MW).

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