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Communication Officer

Numerous actors from all walks of life participate daily in the realisation of the wind farm project in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. Among them, we find young graduates who today tell us the secrets of their career path and their arrival at Ailes Marines.

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Aurore Paris

What is your educational background?

After obtaining my Economic and Social Baccalaureate, I decided to enrol in the Bachelor of Science in International Business (BSc) at NEOMA Business School in Rouen. During this course, in the second year, we had to study in a partner university abroad. I chose to study in Sweden, at Halmstad University, in order to improve my English but also to specialise in management and marketing.

Once my four years of Bachelor's degree were completed and validated, I decided to specialise in communication, by joining the Specialised Master in Corporate Communication at NEOMA Business School in Paris.

What is your job?
Can you tell us about your missions?

I am in charge of communication for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm project, but also for Iberdrola Renouvelables France. My missions are very varied, so you could say that I do 360° communication: external external communication (including press relations, advertising, digital), partnerships, but also and above all internal communication.

Why did you choose the Marine Renewable Energy sector?

To be very honest, I came to this sector somewhat by chance.

After my last professional experience, I was looking for a sector that had nothing to do with those I had known until then, while having values that corresponded to me.
So it was through a friend who works in this sector that I discovered Marine Renewable Energy.

When you see all these development projects, especially in green energy, you think that our missions have a real meaning, because we are fighting for our future. That's what convinced me.

What are the advantages of a young profile?

When you are a young graduate in communication, the first big "challenge" is to find your first (or second, if you have done a work-study programme before) major professional experience, because many sectors are saturated.

It turns out that the Marine Renewable Energy sector is growing and looking for a lot of young talent to take part in the fight against global warming.

For young graduates like me, it is an extremely enriching experience in many aspects, both professionally and personally.

If you had to define your early experience with Ailes Marines in three words?

Challenge, creativity and intensity.

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