Élise Descours | Vulcain

Business Unit Manager at Vulcain, a new company based in the Côtes d'Armor

A few weeks ago, we spoke with Élise Descours, Business Unit Manager at our partner Vulcain. In this interview, Élise explains her main tasks and paints a picture of a company that is as successful as it is human. The Business Unit Manager also talks about the wind farm project in Saint-Brieuc Bay.

- Meeting - 

Could you introduce yourself?

I am a Business Unit Manager at Vulcain and have been with the group for over 4 years. More specifically, I am in charge of developing the Vulcain group's activities in offshore engineering and construction. Until now, I have worked a lot for our historical client Technip. Passionate about large-scale projects where the challenges are considerable, I lead a team of 28 consulting engineers and 3 Business Managers. I enjoy managing my teams, contributing to their careers and satisfying my clients, with whom I enjoy having privileged relationships. I am demanding, and I do my utmost to ensure that everyone involved in a project is fully satisfied. Finally, I am particularly attached to performance and results, while favouring flexibility in the execution and completion of a project.


Can you introduce us to the company Vulcain ?

With more than 1700 employees in France and around the world and a turnover of 160 M€ in 2019, our group is a specialized player in consulting and engineering in the energy sector. We deploy strong sectoral expertise (Gas, Renewable, Environment & Processes, Nuclear, Rail, Infrastructure and Life Science) to serve the design, construction, implementation and commissioning of our clients' projects.

We are driven by the values of caring, teamwork, openness to others and performance. Every day, these values drive us and we do our best to boost the careers of our employees by contributing to the exciting projects of our clients.

We adapt our service offerings to the needs of our customers and are constantly thinking of new solutions.

Very open, and always on the move, we have generated significant growth over the past 15 years (+ 30% in 2019) and are nevertheless marked by humility, simplicity and questioning when necessary.



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What does Vulcain do for the park in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc?

We have signed a 3-year contract with Ailes Marines and are involved in Construction Management Service. In other words, we accompany our client in the construction of the project and more particularly in theinstallation of the wind turbines, the very central service that is the HSE, the Service Support, and the role of representation in order to guarantee compliance with their requirements.
Our objective is to accompany our client in the proper execution of the project within the scope entrusted to us and to contribute to making it a success.
Our team is currently made up of about ten employees and will soon be able to create a peak of competences around forty persons.

What more can you tell us about the branch you are going to open in Lézardrieux?
What profile will you be recruiting?

The Lézardrieux branch is both our operational base, to be as close as possible to our clients, and our natural footprint, which is essential for our integration into the local landscape and fabric. Thus, our actions with local actors and partners are simpler, more relevant and more effective. Similarly, in the context of our local recruitments, as is already the case for certain positions, we are more effective and more legitimate. We have recruited and plan to recruit profiles in offshore installation, HSE (Health Safety Environment), administrative support and offshore project management. For each recruitment, we ensure that our team is well balanced (skills and soft skills, French expertise and competence, local recruitment) with the objective of fulfilling our commitment to our client. Today, our team consists of 3 people from Brittany and others should join us soon.

Why did you respond to the Ailes Marines call for tenders?

Given our expertise in the offshore sector and the ambition we had set ourselves for 2020 in the renewable energy sector, responding to this call for tenders was an obvious choice. We plunged into this consultation with a lot of enthusiasm, pragmatism, and as much distance as necessary. The robustness and flexibility of our service are major assets. Thus we accompany our client in the realization of this project and this gives us the opportunity to enter theoffshore wind industry.

What does this contract mean to you?

This contract is fully in line with our Renewable expertise vertical.
For us, it represents an important shiftinoffshore wind energy with the contribution to the execution of the project itself, in line with the objective we had set ourselves.
Our ambition is to create jobs, develop the offshore wind energy sector in France and expand into new projects.
To ensure that through this first project, Brittany can become a champion of MRE and that the skills created become permanently established.