Anxious to develop a wind power project that respects the environment and is integrated into the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, Ailes Marines has put in place a team of engineers and specialized doctors. It was important for the company to carry out additional studies in the interests of transparency and responsibility.

The current cooperation between the offshore wind industry and scientists allows for documentation of the impact during the construction and operation phases of the offshore wind farm. The effects on the marine ecosystem can be designed, tested and further improved to directly manage the effects on the marine ecosystem, in order to develop a good understanding of the impact, both in the short and long term.

Report on the monitoring of cuttlefish in their environment during the construction phase

Cuttlefish is a sentinel species, it is part of the cephalopods. Their unique characteristics predispose them to a certain flexibility in the face of a changing environment. Similarly, their sensitivity serves as an indicator for the study of impacts, and particularly for environmental changes on the marine environment.

In 2021, the year in which the work begins, the trends observed do not reveal any dysfunctions compared to previous years.
They will be verified with the analysis of the results to come in 2022 and 2023.

Result of the investigations for the monitoring of the benthos on the impacts
of the project in the construction phase in 2021

The benthos is the set of aquatic organisms living in relation with the sea floor. Benthic organisms are animals or plants that live attached to the ground or that move by skimming the bottom. They find their food in the sediment and therefore depend on it for their subsistence.

The studies conducted on the work areas of the wind farm of the Saint-Brieuc bay are as follows:

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Sediments
  • The habitats
  • Benthic communities

This research was conducted by the engineering firm SETEC Environment, with whom we work in particular for the monitoring of the fisheries resource since 2017.

Video analysis of the area :

Based on the diversity of upright species, which are sensitive to physical disturbance, the sessile* epibiosis stand** appears to be in good condition.

*Epibiosis is a type of behavior used by organisms that live attached to a specific substrate.

**A sessile organism lives attached directly to the substrate.

Water analysis :

No pollution was detected in the 41 WFD substances in the seawater sample taken.

Sediment Analysis :

For all the substances measured for the geochemical characterization of the sediments, the results show an absence of contamination.

Analysis on benthic fauna :

Group 1 are the species sensitive to hypertrophy.
Group 2 are the species indifferent to hypertrophy.

In view of the fairly high proportions of groups 1 and 2 on the stations (note the presence of species tolerant of hypertrophy and opportunistic species in smaller proportions), the study area shows little or no disturbance of the environment, in connection with an enrichment in organic matter.
These results are consistent with the type of environment studied, including the open environment with strong currents.

To follow the progress of the work and the next steps in the installation of the park elements