Warehouse Manager (M/F)

The Warehouse Coordinator is responsible for controlling the flow of materials, parts and tools for the site, providing optimized purchasing and inventory control. The Warehouse Coordinator will report to the Assistant Site Manager and will also be expected to work closely with the third party service and maintenance provider's staff, who will have access to their own equipment and stock it in the warehouse.

Offshore installation and maintenance technician

The Offshore Maintenance Technician (multi-technical) will participate in the daily preventive and corrective maintenance operations of the offshore wind farm installations (Foundations, Offshore Substation) and of the onshore installations.The position requires a 14 day rotation on an offshore SOV.

OSS Platform manager

The electrical operator will during the O&M phase supervise any daily work on board the Offshore Substation acting as Platform Master – ensuring supervision of contractors, managing equipment isolations in the different rooms, controlling the auxiliary systems – HVAC, fire fighting, diesel generators, …

Fleet Operational Controller (M/F)

Job offer | Park operational controller (M/F)
You will be responsible for the safe operation of the installation and its electricity production.

Electrical Operations Manager O&M Offshore (M/F)

Under the supervision of the Operations and Maintenance Manager (O&M), the Electrical Operations Manager will conduct the operation and maintenance of the site's electrical assets - offshore electrical delivery station, inter-wind turbine cable network, onshore fibre optic delivery station, etc. - in order to maximise their operational performance in strict compliance with regulatory electrical safety rules and internal procedures.