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IDRA Bio & Littoral

The company provides oceanographic expertise specific to the marine environment: study of marine habitats (loose and rocky benthos, mapping), water quality, sediment quality, or fishery resources.


Julien Gerber,
Director of the oceanography research department


6 employees

What types of services have you provided for Ailes Marines?

"Ailes Marines asked us to carry out monitoring of the fisheries resource targeted at cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) as part of the work on the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm and its underwater electrical connection. This multi-year monitoring began in 2019, with the aim of assessing, over the life of the project, any variations in cuttlefish catches and their reproductive capacity in the study area. Between March and June of each year, we are responsible for collecting data:

  • in professional diving to identify sites favourable to cuttlefish spawning,
  • on board trawlers to monitor professional catches of this species.

The data produced are then analysed: spawning sites, number of eggs, weights caught, size/sex/weight of individuals, etc. This work is carried out in collaboration with the Departmental Committee for Maritime Fisheries and Marine Breeding (Comité Départemental Pêches Maritimes et Élevages Marins).
This work is carried out in collaboration with the Comité Départemental des Pêches Maritimes et des Élevages Marins 22.

Julien Gerber

Director of the Oceanography Research Office

How many jobs were involved in this service for how long?

"A total of 6 staff members have been working as needed on this assignment since 2019. This service requires teamwork, especially for professional diving activities. Reporting the activity of this project over a year, this occupies approximately one full time equivalent since 2019. Although the entire team resides on the Emerald Coast coastline not far from the project, staff temporarily resided between Erquy, Saint Quay-Portrieux and Trébeurden depending on the needs of the operations at sea. »
Julien Gerber

Director of the Oceanography Research Office

Why did you respond to the Ailes Marines call for tenders?

"This new multi-year study of cuttlefish launched by AILES MARINES is a complex scientific issue, quite innovative for our team, and original at the scale of the French coastline in the context of MRE. Within the company, we are all passionate about underwater environments and practice, among other things, diving and snorkeling: these are scientific subjects that arouse the curiosity of the whole team and we are convinced that this contribution is useful through the new knowledge it generates. By giving us the opportunity to express ourselves on this subject, it is also a good way to inform the general public of the stages of work that revolve around this project. »
Julien Gerber

Director of the Oceanography Research Office