Ailes Marines at the SRH Business Trophy

This weekend, Ailes Marines participated in the Trophée des Entreprises, a sailing regatta organised by the Société des Régates du Havre (SRH), the oldest sailing club in continental Europe.

Our crew, composed of Raphael Flint, Matthieu Garin, Briac Hervé, Fabien Iacopinelli and our skipper David Kerloch, performed magnificently by winning 2 of the 8 races.


Unfortunately, the lack of training did not allow us to compete with the Le Havre crews, who were more experienced in manoeuvres, but also much more aware of the local currents, which were particularly strong on this equinox weekend.

Under an almost summery sun, good humour was the order of the day, both within the crew and between the different companies.

This weekend was above all a great opportunity to present our company and our projects to the local players, especially during the crew dinner where our team members were asked to make numerous requests.

As a reminder, Ailes Marines is behind the creation of the SiemensGamesa factory in Le Havre. We have also been pre-selected for the 1GW tender off Normandy .

Thanks to our crew, and see you at the next event!


Hi Fabien, you took part in the SRH Corporate Trophy this weekend. What was your experience of the regatta before this event?

Regattas for me were when I was 10 years old at the C.V.P.X, the sailing club of Saint-Quay-Portrieux in the Côtes d'Armor, before the construction of the deep water port...

What did you enjoy most?

In this kind of competition, what is important to me is team spirit. I observed my teammates a lot and I realised that you need a lot of qualities for this sport, which you can find in a company. The group spirit, in the difficulties and in the two round victories, is what I appreciated the most.

What has made the biggest impression on you?

I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome received by the AILES MARINES / IBERDROLA team, which already has a good reputation locally. We have worked hard to maintain an image of well-educated, friendly and proud people at AILES MARINES / IBERDROLA.

Any last words?

I would like to thank the crew for their exceptional spirit. I hope to repeat this type of operation in the future and have the pleasure of representing the company once again.

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