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Local Nautical Commission

The aim ofthe local nautical commission is to present to users of the sea the procedures and equipment designed to ensure the safety of navigation in and around the wind farm during the construction and installation phase. It also presents all the measures to reduce the impact on navigation during the construction phase, as well as all the maritime coordination arrangements put in place by Ailes Marines.
The commission is chaired by the State and made up of representatives of sea users:

  • professional fishing
  • fishing-pleasure
  • port pilotage
  • passenger ships
  • boating
  • SNSM, etc...



The specific objectives of the March 19, 2021 NLC are:

  1. Present the construction phase
  2. To present more precisely the installation work in 2021
  3. Propose rules of use
  4. Recall the changes to the markings already made in 2016
  5. Discuss additional markup around the work

This is an essential step to inform all users and for the maritime prefect to be able to issue an order for the construction phase. This order aims to regulate the uses to ensure the safety of all at sea.


Following the decisions, a report of the NLC will be written.

The commission gives an advisory opinion to the maritime prefect before he issues a decree regulating navigation and safety rules during the construction of the park.

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