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Compensation for professional fishermen during the construction, operation and dismantling phases of the park.

During the construction phase of the wind farm in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, Ailes Marines is setting up a system of individual and collective financial compensation for those involved in the fishing sector.




The implementation of these compensation measures is the subject of consultations between the fisheries committees, the institutions and the fishing industry organisations.
The fishermen affected by the project will be able to choose between two types of individual compensation:

  • Individual compensation in real terms for fishing vessels dependent on the project area.
  • Individual flat-rate compensation for fishing vessels that are affected but generate a small part of their turnover in the project area.

Collective support measures for the entire industry are proposed by Ailes Marines, in order to contribute to the development of projects for the benefit of the entire industry.

The fishermen concerned can now register on the dedicated space,
by filling in a compensation request form.


Workshops mobilized the actors of the fishing industry of the department. Several areas of support were defined, see following article


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