Fête de la science at the Cité des métiers in Ploufragan from 10 to 11 October 2020

As part of the 2020 Science Festival, Ailes Marines wanted to get involved with structures that promote science to the greatest number of people.
In partnership with the association "Le Temps des Sciences", Ailes Marines supported the organisation of the "Baie des Sciences" festival on the theme of Biomimicry. And to adapt to the current health context, the association has centralized a good part of the content of this festival in a website (
), allowing everyone to enjoy this year's beautiful program. www.baiedessciences.fr And, as has been a habit for several years, Ailes Marines has been meeting with the Bretons to answer their questions related to the project, by being present at the Science Festival organized by the Cité des Métiers de Ploufragan on October 10 and 11.




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