Iberdrola France joins France Energies Marines

Last March, Iberdrola France and the Institute for Energy Transition (ITE) France Energies Marines signed a research and development agreement. Iberdrola France is now a member of the Institute. The arrival of Iberdrola France, an internationally renowned energy supplier, will enable the Institute to support and strengthen France Energies Marines in the development of offshore wind and marine energies through collaborative research and development projects.

Already involved in several collaborative projects of France Energies Marines via its French subsidiary Ailes Marines, Iberdrola has notably supported the FISH INTEL project and is currently contributing to the SEMAFOR and FISHOWF projects. The latter in particular aims to assess the impact of offshore wind farms and their connection on the frequentation of fauna (fish and shellfish). In collaboration with Ailes Marines, the teams mobilized by the Institute were able to deploy an acoustic telemetry network in the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm, in order to study the behavior and movements of several important marine species.

Encouraged by the Institute's shared R&D capacity, new projects will soon strengthen this partnership in line with the growth of offshore wind energy on the French coast.





This signature reinforces Iberdrola's commitment to innovation, the environment and the improvement of scientific knowledge. This partnership is a concrete expression of Iberdrola's commitment to the IBREIZH economic development program in conjunction with the Brittany Region.

Marie Thabard, Offshore Development Director Iberdrola France

France Energies Marines and its members are delighted with the arrival of Iberdrola and the future collaboration between the teams. Several large-scale R&D projects are in preparation, in particular to better monitor the interactions between the farms and the environment and to adapt protocols to future technologies

Herveline Gaborieau, Managing Director of France Energies Marines

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