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The TSM WINDCAT 49 arrives on site 

Ailes Marines announces today the arrival of the TSM WINDCAT 49 on the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm installation zone.

The TSM WINDCAT 49 is the first French Crew Transport Vessel (CTV) specially designed for offshore wind energy.

The vessel is owned by TSM WINDCAT, a joint venture between Thomas Services Maritimes and the Dutch company Windcat Workboats.

The ship was built in France and the Netherlands. Indeed, the hull of the ship was built at the Delavergne shipyard in Vendée and it was equipped in Holland by Windcat.

The TSM WINDCAT 49 is one of the first CTVs equipped with the SCR system (exhaust gas after-treatment with Adblue injection). This system drastically reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and exhaust fumes.

The materials used in its construction, such as aluminium and carbon for the superstructure, result in a 25% reduction in fuel consumption when sailing compared to other VTCs of equivalent power.

The WINDCAT 49 sails under the French flag with two 100% French crews of 6 sailors in total. She is specifically adapted for the transport of personnel and equipment required for the installation of offshore wind farms.

The ship is 24 metres long and 7.3 metres wide, with a service speed of 25 knots. It can carry up to 26 passengers and has a cargo capacity of 10 tonnes.

The WINDCAT 49 will provide surveillance, assistance and personnel transfer between the coast and the ships carrying out the installation work on the offshore wind farm.

The ship will operate throughout the installation phase of the Saint-Brieuc wind farm, which will last until 2023.




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