Photo of the day - The offshore power substation: the heart of the wind farm.

The installation of theOSS (offshore electrical substation) is the next step in the wind farm project off the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. This offshore electrical substation will be the central point of the project.
Its function is to transform the energy produced by the 62 wind turbines from 66 kV to 225 kV. This collected energy is then conducted to the coast.
The OSS will house all the automated control systems of the wind farm, as well as all the equipment to ensure a reliable electrical link between the wind turbines and the onshore grid.

The installation of this electrical substation was made possible by the involvement of Eiffage Métal, the EQUANS and Smulders joint venture and SAIPEM. Eiffage Métal was responsible for the engineering and construction of the upper part of the substation, which houses the transformers and electrical equipment, and the fabrication of the foundations. EQUANS and Smulders will carry out the final assembly work and commissioning tests. Finally, SAIPEM will transport and install the jacket foundations of the substation.

Offshore substation and night landscape

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