Project companies

Ailes Marines is mobilising the expertise of local companies to help it build the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm.

They work with us

Preferential use of companies in the Brittany region
and the Grand-Ouest region

Since 2012, right from the start of the project, Ailes Marines has been determined to make the Saint-Brieuc wind farm a driving force for economic development in the region, with the aim of bringing together and getting the region's businesses to work on the project.

Ailes Marines has therefore favoured the use of local companies. For example, the companies selected were mainly from Brittany and the Grand-Ouest region for :

  • The realization of environmental studies, the realization of the development plan of the maintenance base
  • Installation and de-installation of cardinal and marker buoys
  • Supply of weather and turbidity buoys, civil engineering works, etc.
  • Public debates and other events
  • The manufacture of components for wind turbine foundations
  • Coordination of marine works

Many jobs mobilized in the region for the development of the project

By calling on large companies, small and medium-sized businesses and local ETIs to carry out various works and services, the development of the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm has generated additional activity in the region, but has also enabled the development and sustainability of specific local skills.

Since 2012

103 million euros

Investments for the development phase of the project only

9 million euros

That is to say 9% of the total amount of this investment benefit directly to local companies for the realization, in subcontracting, of various works and services

Since 2012

114 companies in the region

accompany the project in its development phase

500 direct local jobs

During the project development phase

Breton companies partnering with Ailes Marines

Carrying out environmental studies

Realization of the layout of the maintenance base

Supply and installation of meteorological tools and components


Manufacture of jacket foundations

Creation of communication tools and supports

Focus on 4 partners