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Monitoring of Avifauna by ground radar

Objectives and methodology

As the offshore radar can only be operational when the wind turbines are powered up, onshore radar monitoring is set up before and during construction. Specific monitoring will be implemented to evaluate micro/macro avoidance and migratory flows within the wind farm during the operational phase (see sheet on monitoring birdlife by marine radar).

The main objectives of this monitoring of the avifauna by land radar are to evaluate potential changes in seabird behaviour due to the presence of the wind farm and to measure the migratory flow in order to better understand the importance of the passages in Saint-Brieuc Bay.

A radar system is therefore installed at the Cap Fréhel site (the point on the coast closest to the wind farm) during the two main bird migration periods (April and October). For each monitoring, the radar system (vertical and horizontal mode) continuously measures the migration flows and flight heights over a period of one week.

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Measure put in place

One week in April and one week in October from 2020 to 2026, i.e. pre-construction, construction and the first 3 years of operation. 

Monitoring will also be carried out during the first year of decommissioning.

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