Follow-up actions

Passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals

Objectives and methodology

The objective of monitoring marine mammals "by passive acoustics" is to provide information on cetacean activity in the area of the offshore wind farm before construction (reference state), during the construction, operation and dismantling phases. These were communicated to the SMC in April 2019.

Seven acoustic stations are positioned at different locations in the study area, each recording high frequencies (porpoises, clicks) and low frequencies (low and medium frequency cetaceans, ambient noise). Two stations are positioned in the wind farm, and the five others are arranged in stars around the area at 10 and 20 km apart.

Registration is effective 33% of the time. Equipment maintenance is carried out approximately every 3 months and the data obtained is processed back to shore.

Location of actions


Mammal tracking buoys


10 km around the buoys


Location area


10 km around the area of implantation


20 km around the area of implantation

Planning and Status


Measure currently in place

This follow-up action will be implemented on several occasions:

- between March 2020 and 2024: pre-construction, construction and the first 2 years of operation phases

- 1 year follow-up (date to be defined): half of the operating period

- 1 year of monitoring (date to be defined): the year preceding the dismantling of the wind farm

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