Follow-up actions

Visual monitoring of marine mammals and birds

Objectives and methodology

The main objective of "visual" monitoring of marine mammals and birds is to determine the impact of the work and operation of the wind farm of the Saint-Brieuc bay on these groups. This monitoring will also help improve local knowledge. These were communicated to the SMC in April 2019.

Vessel observations are carried out by two observers simultaneously, each covering one side of a vessel and concentrating on a 300 m strip.

A transect protocol is also deployed for high definition aerial tracking. Films made during releases are analysed back on land.

Location of actions

boat-tracking map

Planning and Status


Measure currently in place

This monitoring measure will be put in place on several occasions:

Between March 2020 and March 2021 :

0 boat trips per month

Between March 2020 and 2027 * :

0 air travel per month

* Corresponding to the pre-construction and construction phases, as well as the first 3 years of operation.

In exploitation phase (after 2025 *) :

0 airplane ride every 5 years

* Follow-ups will also be maintained during the dismantling.

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