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Iberdrola reaffirms its ambitions in the field of French offshore wind power by acquiring 100% of the capital of Ailes Marines

Paris – March 9, 2020 – Iberdrola has reaffirmed its ambitions in the offshore wind sector, following the conclusion of an agreement to acquire 100% of the company Ailes Marines . The latter develops, builds and operates the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm, in France, a country which has become an increasingly strategic market for Iberdrola.




A new impulse

Iberdrola, which already owned 70% of the capital of the consortium, bought the remaining 30% of shares from Avel Vor, after receiving the green light from the French Minister of Economy and Finance.
The transaction will allow the company to give new impetus to the offshore wind project, construction of which is expected to start in 2021. Once it is fully operational, in 2023, the installed capacity of 496 megawatts will produce sufficient energy clean to meet the energy needs of approximately 835,000 consumers.

The Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm

Located 16 kilometers off the Breton coast, the Saint-Brieuc park will require a total investment of around €2.4 billion. It will be equipped with 62 Siemens Gamesa wind turbines, each with a capacity of 8 MW, installed over an area of ​​75 square kilometers. The wind turbines will measure 207 meters in height.

Saint-Brieuc is a key project as part of the energy transition and the fight against global warming initiated by the French government.

Iberdrola is also active in the retail energy market and is considering new opportunities in the field of onshore wind power in France.

Iberdrola, its firm commitment to wind energy

Nearly twenty years after becoming a pioneer in the field of onshore wind energy, Iberdrola continues to be at the forefront of the development of offshore wind, a market with great potential. The company currently has approximately 12.4 GW (gigawatts) of projects in development in three main areas: the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the United States.

With €13.36 billion (39%) dedicated to offshore wind energy, out of the €34 billion of its overall investment plan by 2022, technology is the cornerstone of the company's strategy.

The group currently operates three offshore wind farms: West of Duddon Sands, which began operations in the Irish Sea in 2014, and Wikinger, located in the German waters of the Baltic Sea, operational since December 2017.

The company plans to operate 2,000 MW of offshore wind power by the end of 2022 and 3,000 MW by 2024.

“Construction of the Saint-Brieuc project is ready to start. All agreements are in place, financing is secured and contracts are signed. Our industrial plan will create new factories and highly qualified jobs in the renewable energy sector in France. We hope that the remaining legal and administrative issues will be resolved quickly, following which this major investment project of €2.4 billion, contributing to a cleaner energy future, will enter its execution phase. »

Jonathan Cole

Global Managing Director of offshore wind at Iberdrola

Projects in Europe and elsewhere

East Anglia ONE

This project is now generating energy and is nearing completion. Around 82 of the 102 wind turbines are now installed. Once complete, the 714 MW of installed capacity will be able to produce enough energy for 630,000 homes in the UK, at an investment equal to £2.5 billion.

East Anglia HUB

Iberdrola has announced the development of East Anglia Hub, a large complex comprising the company's three remaining North Sea projects: East Anglia One North, East Anglia Two and East Anglia Three. With 3,100 MW of installed capacity, this project will require an investment of around £6.5 billion. The construction phase, which is expected to last four years, will start in 2022. The main suppliers will be announced in the next ten months.

Baltic Eagle & Wikinger South

In Germany, in April 2018, the company received the award of contracts for the construction of two new wind installations in the Baltic Sea, whose combined capacity represents 486 MW: Baltic Eagle and Wikinger South.

Vineyard Wind & Park City

Iberdrola is preparing to begin construction of the largest commercial offshore wind farm in the United States: Vineyard Wind. Located off the coast of Massachusetts, it will have a capacity of 800 MW and will be able to meet the energy needs of one million homes. Additionally, in December 2019, Iberdrola received the contract award for the construction of Park City, an 804 MW site off the Connecticut coastline and south of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

The figures of Iberdrola's commitment

Power of projects in development

0 GigaWatts

Amount invested in wind energy

0 Billions of Euro's

Current group projects

0 offshore wind farms

Operating forecasts in 2024

2000 MegaWatts

About Iberdrola

Iberdrola is a global energy leader, the number one producer of wind power and one of the largest electricity producers in the world in terms of market capitalization. The group provides energy to nearly 100 million people, in dozens of countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom (ScottishPower), the United States (AVANGRID), Brazil (Neoenergia), Mexico , in Germany, Italy and France. With more than 35,000 employees and assets exceeding €122 billion, the company achieved a turnover of €6,438 million and a net profit of more than €3,406 million in 2019.

Iberdrola is leading the transition to a sustainable energy model, investing in renewable energy, smart grids, large-scale energy storage and digital transformation, in order to offer the most technologically advanced products and services to its customers. Thanks to its commitment to clean energy, Iberdrola is one of the companies with the lowest rates of carbon emissions, and is an international benchmark for its contribution to sustainable development and the fight against global warming.

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