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Setec In Vivo, historical collaborator of Ailes Marines on environmental studies

With the aim of building a project that is both responsible and sustainable, Ailes Marine has surrounded itself with environmental specialists, notably the marine environment and coastal oceanography design office , Setec In vivo . This collaboration, which began almost ten years ago, is a long-term project within the framework of the project.

Setec In Vivo

Specialists in the acquisition, exploitation and valorization of data, Setec In Vivo supports numerous project leaders in the study of the marine and coastal environment, particularly in the field of marine renewable energies. Among their areas of expertise, we find the laying of underwater cables and pipelines, port development and maritime and river infrastructure, dredging operations and marine debris destination sectors, etc.

Based in Brittany, Setec in Vivo has been providing numerous services throughout the region's coastlines for 20 years. This expertise gives them in-depth knowledge of marine and coastal ecology from the Atlantic to the English Channel.

Impact study & data

In order to fully meet the objectives of the impact study, numerous field campaigns were implemented over a period from September 2012 to March 2015.

With an overriding desire to respect the environment, the wind turbine installation area selected by Ailes Marines was done through a process of reconciling uses and technical, environmental and landscape issues.
Indeed, several important criteria were taken into account when defining the location area, namely:

  • Professional fishing activities : Areas favored by professional fishing (main scallop fishing grounds for example) are avoided.
  • Natural characteristics : Location outside any Natura 2000 zone.
  • The landscape : the location area was located far from the capes of Erquy and Fréhel, particularly busy tourist areas, especially in summer.
  • Bathymetry : avoidance of the deepest areas to the north and east of the tender area.

To assess the quality of the environment, put it into perspective with the effects of the project and thus evaluate the resulting impacts, Setec In Vivo and their service providers carried out the impact study of the Saint-Brieuc project.

Ailes Marines , concerned with preserving the environment.







Ailes Marines has chosen to develop an environmentally friendly wind project integrated into the bay of Saint-Brieuc. Ailes Marines has surrounded itself with specialists such as Setec in Vivo, allowing it, in particular, to implement around thirty environmental measures whose objective is to avoid damage to the environment, to reduce those which could not be sufficiently avoided and, if possible, compensate for notable effects which could neither be avoided nor sufficiently reduced (ERC sequence: Avoid, Reduce, Compensate).

This is how throughout the project, Ailes Marines limits the impact of the construction and operation of the park on the environment.

Ailes Marines is currently carrying out the Reference State (updating the initial State of the Impact Study) to re-qualify the environment before work. These studies are carried out by numerous service providers/partners, among which Setec In Vivo has been awarded a contract for the monitoring of fishery resources and benthic communities.