an offshore wind farm works

Wind is an inexhaustible resource whose intensity varies depending on location. The identification of sites well exposed to winds is therefore an essential prerequisite for any wind farm installation. Wind turbines are designed to adapt to the physical constraints of a site and wind speed.

Everything starts from the wind which turns the blades

Wind turbines transform wind energy into electrical energy. The wind turns the rotor, made up of the blades and the hub . It constantly orients itself to face the wind.

The blades drive a generator

Thanks to the more constant sea winds, offshore wind turbines have a higher efficiency than land wind turbines, the generator makes it possible to produce electricity.

Electricity travels via a network of underwater cables

The wind turbines are connected by a network of cables to the electrical substation, which transforms the electricity produced into 66 kV to inject it into the terrestrial network at 225 kV.

Electricity joins the terrestrial network

It is carried via an underwater evacuation cable to a landfall junction and then to the connecting electrical substation, before supplying power to your home.