The IBReizh program

In parallel with the deployment of the offshore wind farm in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc , Ailes Marines created the IBReizh economic development program , intended to support projects in Brittany.

Funded by Ailes Marines and co-led by the Brittany Region , this program aims to be part of local dynamics and to favor actions linked to the sea and renewable energies by relying on key players.

IBReizh is a regional program but nevertheless targets support possibilities in the Côtes d'Armor department, consistent with the location of the offshore wind farm. Several areas of intervention have been identified. They correspond to the commitments of the call for tenders and/or the desire of Ailes Marines to get involved in areas linked to its activities, in the Costa Rican and Breton territories.

What actions?

  • Support for the fishing and aquaculture sectors
Goals :
  • Facilitate professional fishing activities in the offshore wind farm.
  • Support fishing businesses in their adaptation to new fishing conditions.
  • Support the sustainable development of the sector.
Area of ​​intervention :
  • Projects for the benefit of the different components of the sector (upstream support, primary production, first sale, fish trading and processing, distribution and markets).
Selection grid:
  • The projects must fit into the strategic development objectives of the committees and/or territories and the five themes defined by Ailes Marines with local stakeholders (traceability, valorization, acquisition and sharing of knowledge, promotion, diversification of sources of income , etc.).
  • Tourism development
Goals :
  • Promote the attractiveness and development of the territories concerned by the project.

  • Make the offshore wind farm project a vector for developing the local tourism offering.

  • Define and implement a tourist offer in consultation with local stakeholders.

Area of ​​intervention :
  • Projects promoting the tourist development of coastal and marine areas linked to the offshore wind farm. These projects must be located in the coastal and/or retro-coastal areas affected by the offshore wind farm.
Selection grid:

Projects in line with the strategic development objectives of territorial tourism stakeholders and in particular:

    • Integrated tourism destination strategy 2023-2025.

    • Regional tourism plan 2020-2025.

    • Obvious link with the offshore wind farm (landscape, visit at sea, educational support, etc.).

  • Economic development
Goals :
  • Contribute to maritime and energy economic development.

  • Take part in an innovative approach by supporting local development programs.

  • Allow the emergence of new outlets for the Brittany region.

  • Support territorial projects that rely on local skills and resources.

Area of ​​intervention :
  • Maritime and energy projects for the benefit of regional economic development.

  • Specific R&D on marine renewable energies.

Selection grid:
  • Projects in line with the strategic development objectives of local stakeholders and in line with the objectives of Ailes Marines .
  • Environment and biodiversity
Goals :
  • Implement complete environmental support for practices and activities as part of the wind farm project.
  • Limit the potential effects of activities and thus ensure that the impacts of the project are limited for biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Support projects of general interest for the preservation of biodiversity and resources.
Area of ​​intervention :
  • Projects for the protection and enhancement of the marine environment and biodiversity in coastal areas.
Selection grid:
  • The projects must be part of the strategic objectives of Ailes Marines in favor of the preservation of the environment and biodiversity (sea and coastline).