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Portraits of the actors of the project:
Delphine Lequatre, Renewable Regulation Manager

Every year, March 8 celebrates International Women's Day.
Ailes Marines , in this context, wanted to highlight the women who work
every day to advance the project.
Focus on their journeys, their missions and their daily motivations.

Gwennael Jezequel

What is your background ?

A lawyer in industrial environmental law, I chose to work in the onshore wind sector in 2006 , then emerging in France, out of ecological conviction. After working in a law firm specializing in wind and photovoltaics, I joined the professional organization for renewable energies in order to improve the legislative and regulatory framework for these sectors.

At the start of 2021 I joined the Iberdrola Renewables France as Regulatory Manager for all our installations and projects on land and at sea. 

How long have you been working on the project?

I have the chance to participate in the construction of the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm since the beginning of 2021. 

What is your part ?

My main role for the Saint-Brieuc project is to implement the purchase contract for the electricity that the wind turbines will produce. The implications of this contract on the completion of the project are central: for example, it is through it that the deadline for commissioning the park . I also liaise with professional organizations to anticipate regulatory and economic developments impacting the project.

What do you like most about your mission?

My role requires being in contact with people working on all aspects of the project : foundations, security, environment, communication, operation and maintenance, financial engineering, legal , etc. All at various hierarchical levels and, icing on the cake, in an enriching multicultural environment .
All this with the aim of commissioning one of the first two French offshore wind farms ! human and industrial adventure .

If you had to describe your mission in 3 words?

In my mission I rely on:

  • Experience, which allows me to anticipate
  • Curiosity , essential to decipher each other's problems
  • A certain perseverance, necessary in this type of long-term project

Why did you enter the
Marine Renewable Energy sector?

I chose this sector out of conviction .
Renewable energies , on land or at sea, are the most sustainable: they use few minerals or water . The energy spent to put them into operation is compensated in a few months. The waste they generate is recyclable , their greenhouse gas emissions are minimal. Their impacts on biodiversity are limited and controlled, even positive (for example, by fighting against climate change, renewable energies preserve biodiversity from the collapse it causes).


Women's rights: the fight against inequalities

A real social issue, the fight against inequalities continually continues its fight.

For more than 40 years, the United Nations has placed this cause at the heart of its sustainable development goals , stating that " Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, it is also a foundation necessary for the establishment of a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

In order to become aware of the key figures revolving around this theme, an assessment is drawn up each year in order to monitor the progress linked to this fight, as well as the challenges that remain, on a global scale.

As a reminder

Among the notable advances of recent decades, we report:

  • More girls in school
  • Fewer girls forced into early marriage
  • More women in leadership positions or a place in parliament
  • Laws and reforms intended to advance gender equality

Despite this progress, many challenges still remain:

  • Persistent discriminatory laws and social norms
  • The underrepresentation of women at all levels of political power
  • The rate of women having suffered physical or sexual violence

Together, let's continue to fight against inequalities.