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Portraits of the project stakeholders:
Marie Thabard, Environmental Compliance Manager

Every year, March 8 celebrates International Women's Day.
Ailes Marines , in this context, wanted to highlight the women who work
every day to advance the project.
Focus on their journeys, their missions and their daily motivations.


What is your background ?

My journey has always had the marine environment . 

After obtaining a doctorate in marine biological sciences at the University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom), I joined a consulting firm specializing in the marine environment . In this context, my objective was to invest in coastal development and the integration of projects into their environment. Ailes Marines teams .

I started my career as a specialist, a professional diver , to open up to themes related to regional planning and project integration.

How long have you been working on the project?

Ailes Marines teams in February 2018. 

What is your part ?

Currently, I manage all aspects related to the project's compliance with regulatory authorizations as well as activities related to the environment .

Concretely, I am responsible for obtaining all authorizations (without which the project could not exist). I must also ensure that they are taken into account in the project (design, works, etc.) and the implementation of the ERCS sequence (avoidance, reduction, compensation & environmental monitoring). More generally, I am at the interface between engineering teams , state services and local environmental and maritime .

To date, I manage a team of four people and manage more than ten contracts , some of them for amounts exceeding 3 million euros.

What do you like most about your mission?

The project led by Ailes Marines is a large-scale project , pioneering in France, at the forefront of innovation with, as a result, numerous challenges highly specialized teams .

I particularly enjoy being the interface for project teams to act concretely and participate in important decisions . 

My job is multidisciplinary . regulatory , environmental , maritime issues , etc. All in collaboration with project engineers, support functions (purchasing, planning, lawyers, etc.), the management team, independent experts, etc.

The people I talk to and the subjects vary constantly and I learn every day.

I also like management , moving forward, innovating with a competent, united team . It's stimulating !

Marie Thabard

If you had to describe your mission in 3 words?

Three words are very few to describe such a varied activity .

I choose: Coordination, Challenge, Diplomacy.

Why did you enter the
Marine Renewable Energy sector?

After my experience in a design office, I wanted to continue my activity in the marine environment .

I also wanted to be an integral part of a project team and be able to influence choices related to the territory, going further than providing advice. 

The climate emergency certainly influenced me a lot in this choice. France is a country with an immense maritime coastline , where it is possible to develop innovative technologies to produce green energy. I want to put my skills to this service.


Women's rights: the fight against inequalities

A real social issue, the fight against inequalities continually continues its fight.

For more than 40 years, the United Nations has placed this cause at the heart of its sustainable development goals , stating that " Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, it is also a foundation necessary for the establishment of a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

In order to become aware of the key figures revolving around this theme, an assessment is drawn up each year in order to monitor the progress linked to this fight, as well as the challenges that remain, on a global scale.

As a reminder

Among the notable advances of recent decades, we report:

  • More girls in school
  • Fewer girls forced into early marriage
  • More women in leadership positions or a place in parliament
  • Laws and reforms intended to advance gender equality

Despite this progress, many  challenges  still remain:

  • Persistent discriminatory laws and social norms
  • The underrepresentation of women at all levels of political power
  • The rate of women having suffered physical or sexual violence

Together, let's continue to fight against inequalities.