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Portraits of the project stakeholders:
Perrine Le Gaouyat, BoP Operations & Maintenance Project Manager

Every year, March 8 celebrates International Women's Day.
Ailes Marines , in this context, wanted to highlight the women who work
every day to advance the project.
Focus on their journeys, their missions and their daily motivations.

What is your background ?

I started my journey by joining an engineering school specializing in civil engineering .
I have always been attracted by the Energy sector and the excellence sought in this area.
So, I first joined a company developing nuclear power plants .
Subsequently, I progressed internally from the construction site to project management, leading engineering, manufacturing and construction teams and contracts.

Later, I joined the company Ailes Marines which this time familiarized me with the world of Marine Renewable Energy and maintenance. 

How long have you been working on the project?

I have held my position at Ailes Marines since September 2020.

What is your part ?

I am currently BoP Operations & Maintenance Project Manager .

Thus, I am in charge of the proper functioning of what we call the Balance of Plant in Saint-Brieuc Park (once built).
In other words, this involves the maintenance of several strategic elements such as the electrical substation at sea, the various readings to be taken during the operation (environment, bathymetric, etc.), the production control tools of the park , the maintenance base on land

What do you like most about your mission?

Through my missions, I am led to work with regional partners in order to find local actors wishing to participate in the project and thus to sustainably integrate the project into the territory and humbly participate in the latter's development.

If you had to describe your mission in 3 words?

To define my activity, I would use the words: multidisciplinary, long-term vision, collaborative.

Why did you enter the
Marine Renewable Energy sector?

Marine Renewable Energies have always interested me because of their technical complexities linked, in particular, to maritime activity .

Since the start of my career, I have chosen to continually work in the carbon-free energy .


Women's rights: the fight against inequalities

A real social issue, the fight against inequalities continually continues its fight.

For more than 40 years, the United Nations has placed this cause at the heart of its sustainable development goals , stating that " Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, it is also a foundation necessary for the establishment of a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

In order to become aware of the key figures revolving around this theme, an assessment is drawn up each year in order to monitor the progress linked to this fight, as well as the challenges that remain, on a global scale.

As a reminder

Among the notable advances of recent decades, we report:

  • More girls in school
  • Fewer girls forced into early marriage
  • More women in leadership positions or a place in parliament
  • Laws and reforms intended to advance gender equality

Despite this progress, many  challenges  still remain:

  • Persistent discriminatory laws and social norms
  • The underrepresentation of women at all levels of political power
  • The rate of women having suffered physical or sexual violence

Together, let's continue to fight against inequalities.