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The involvement of Ailes Marines in the local Breton economy

Winner of a national call for tenders, Ailes Marines is launching the construction process of the offshore wind farm in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc in spring 2021. As a reminder, the company is 100% owned by the leader in renewable energies Iberdrola , specialized in the production, distribution and marketing of electricity and natural gas. This major project responds to multiple issues linked to the environment and employment . These issues are essential for Ailes Marines which, since the start of the project, has been involved locally to provide the best response.

A beneficial project for the region

To carry out this project, Ailes Marines called on numerous companies, specialized in various sectors of activity, such as Navantia and Windar , which are involved in the manufacture of jacket-type foundations for wind turbines.

Ailes Marines aims to make the project a driver of economic development in the region. By collaborating with numerous regional companies , the wind farm initiative is becoming a job vector project in Brittany. VSEs, SMEs and ETIs participate fully in the realization of the project .

Since 2012, 116 local companies have supported Ailes Marines in the different phases of the development of the offshore park.

Many Breton companies participate in the economic benefits of the Ailes Marines project.

Over the entire life cycle of the project, more than 500 jobs will be mobilized in Brittany. Added to this are the numerous indirect jobs that the project promotes, such as in the housing or local services sector.

A renewable marine energy project supported by the population

The project to establish the wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc is widely supported by the population. Indeed, according to the result of an IFOP survey published on January 20, 2021, 71% of the inhabitants of the Côtes-d'Armor department surveyed responded that they were in favor of the project. More generally, the departments of Brittany (Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan, Côtes-d'Armor) and Loire-Atlantique demonstrate 81% support for the project .

The Saint-Brieuc offshore wind project is part of the logic of the Breton electricity pact initiated by the Brittany Region and thus participates in the energy transition initiated by France. By producing green electricity for 835,000 inhabitants , the park will contribute to the opening up of electricity in Brittany.

Cultural, sporting and maritime partnerships

Ailes Marines is also expanding its involvement in regional life by becoming a partner and sponsor of events and associations that participate in the development of local life, such as:


The Departmental Sailing Committee 22


Festival - Art Rock


Ailes Marines also supports many other local associations, such as Glazig, the Binic Folk Blues Festival, La Vaillante, etc.
By establishing its park in the region, Ailes Marines wishes to become a key player in the Costa Rican territory.