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The mock-up project in Esbjerg ... ... is finished!

At the beginning of 2021 , the Saint-Brieuc team launched the Mock-up project which was mounted on land in Esbjerg (Denmark) in the Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy . During these 4 months, the teams worked on building a full-scale replica of the connection between the transition piece and the lower section of the wind turbine tower (including wiring and internals).

The main objective of this model was to evaluate the interfaces and controls between the different packages, namely: Foundations, Inter-network cables, Wind turbine both on the compatibility of the equipment and the installation works in order to de -risk offshore operations and minimize or avoid corrective action during offshore activities.

Once this project was completed, the teams were able to identify and define areas of improvement for the different packages and their respective contractors, namely the Navantia-Windar Joint Venture, Prysmian and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy . Each of them had their own scope and agenda for the Mock-up project, as summarized:

    – Testing of rescue procedures

    – Access and exit operations, Identification of Health, Safety and Environment risks.

    3D model of the mockup. Internal components.

      – Definition of the orientation of the transition piece

      – Coverage for the pulling of submarine cables, installation and removal work,

      – The design and installation of low voltage cables in the transition room,

      – Testing the counterweight interface of the hatch of the flange access platform,

      – The resolution of the interfaces of the Foundations-Wind Turbine “package”.

        – Confirmation of the design and installation of the cable management system structure, 

        – Testing the insertion of submarine cables,

        – Routing of the fiber optic cable,

        – Routing and termination tests for high and medium voltage cables,

        – Definition of Pfisterer positions,

        – Resolution of inter-network cables-wind turbine interfaces.

          – Confirmation of tower/transition piece interfaces – interface flange,   

          – Confirmation of cable length and cable management system design/installation,

          – Cable routing,

          – Definition of the layout of the blanking plate.

          Thanks to these numerous observations, the model project made it possible to draw numerous lessons and conclusions to be applied in the Saint-Brieuc project and in future Iberdrola projects. These results will help avoid delays and additional costs on land and at sea relating to manufacturing and installation issues, but also optimize the health and safety aspect of all operations involved.

          This model project is considered essential because it brings great added value to the Saint-Brieuc project, both in economic and qualitative terms. Indeed, thanks to this model, the teams were able to estimate the savings (benefits) obtained at an amount of around €3M thanks to the conclusions and lessons learned.

          Our project manager, Victor Triviño Sanchez , also commented on the successful completion of this project: “The completion of the model project marks a crucial step for the Saint-Brieuc project which allows the team to tackle very important interfaces of the project, especially during the offshore construction phase, improving the H&S environment for everyone involved in these operations, optimizing procedures and ensuring the compatibility of all components. We are very pleased with the outcome of the project and are now working to ensure all lessons learned are implemented. »

          Victor Triviño Sanchez

          Victor Triviño Sanchez

          Project Manager

          A big step for Saint-Brieuc and our future projects.