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Matthieu Garin | Ailes Marines

Project engineer 

Many players from all walks of life participate daily in the realization of the wind project in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. Among them, we find in particular young graduates, who today tell us the secrets of their career and their arrival within the Ailes Marines company.

- Encounter - 
Matthew Garin

What is your background ?

After attending high school in Toronto, Canada, I joined ICAM (Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts), an engineering school in Lille.

To refine my orientation, I then completed a specialized Master's degree "Expert in Marine Renewable Energy" at ENSTA de Bretagne (Brest).

During this Master's degree, we had to carry out a 6-month mission in a company. It is in this context that I joined the company Ailes Marines , on a permanent construction contract.

What is your profession ?
Can you explain your missions to us?

Currently, I am part of the Foundation and Transportation .

Our mission is to supervise the contract which binds us to Van Oord , the company in charge of installing the foundations of the Saint-Brieuc park . Together, we share and organize the transport of the foundations and the progress of their installation with the different Ailes Marines teams (authorizations, construction, experts, etc.). It's my daily life!

Overall, my missions are varied: I am responsible for seabed management , some contractual issues as well as the dissemination of feedback .

Why did you choose the Marine Renewable Energy sector?

In my opinion, this is an essential sector for encouraging the energy transition ! Being passionate about the marine world and wanting to participate in solving a great challenge of our generation, there was no better sector of activity for me.

What are the advantages of being a young person?

Although it is a fairly specific sector of activity, I find that it offers the possibility of working in many different trades . Among others, I am thinking of: developer (like Ailes Marines ), specialized in installation (like Van Oord ), in Research & Development (site study, etc.) or even field professions such as welder, customer representative at sea …

If you had to define your start to your experience within Ailes Marines in 3 words?

Trainer , because by exchanging with the various experts and very experienced contacts within the project, we learn a lot about the installation, both technical and functional.

Challenging , because, in my opinion, wind projects in general experience ups and downs and, in this context, we must constantly seek solutions to the multiple constraints we encounter.

Finally, to finish I would say Sharing evoke , on the one hand, the fact that we share our knowledge to find solutions and, on the other hand, because the project is multidisciplinary (turbine, foundation, site, authorizations …).


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