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Wind is an inexhaustible resource whose intensity varies according to the location. Identifying sites that are well exposed to the wind is therefore an essential prerequisite for any wind farm installation.
Wind turbines are designed to adapt to the physical constraints of a site and the wind speed.

Wind turbines are used to transform the energy of the wind into electrical energy. The wind turns the rotor, which consists of the blades and the hub*. It is constantly orientating itself to face the wind. It drives a generator producing electricity.

Thanks to more constant sea winds, offshore wind turbines have a higher efficiency than onshore wind turbines.

The wind turbines are connected by a network of cables to the power station, which transforms the electricity produced into 66kV and feeds it into the onshore grid at 225 kV.

It is then routed via a submarine connection cable to the public power grid and thus to consumers.


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