Renewable marine energies

What are renewable energies?

Renewable energies (EnR) are produced thanks to the sun, the wind, the heat of the earth, rivers, tides... They make it possible to produce electricity, heat, cold, gas, fuel, fuel. These energy sources, considered inexhaustible on the human time scale, create little or no waste and polluting emissions. They are distinguished from fossil fuels, which are polluting and whose stocks are decreasing. RE are more resilient, particularly in the event of a crisis.

Now let's talk about marine renewable energies

Marine renewable energies (called EmR) are the set of technologies which make it possible to produce electricity from the forces and resources of the sea, such as swell , currents, tides, wind which blows at sea, warm surface waters, cold deep waters, etc.

They are said to be renewable since they are constantly replenished, their stock is unlimited!

Do you know the different marine energies? Discover them below:

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  • Tidal energy

It is produced by the energy of currents. The energy produced is all the more important if the current is strong.

  • Tidal energy

It benefits from the rising and falling flows of the tide which enable it to operate electricity-producing turbines.

  • Wave energy

It is produced by the movement of the swell. When the wind blows on the sea, waves form and the swell then moves over very long distances, which allows the collected energy to be brought to the coast.

  • Thermal energy from the seas

It is especially suitable for the overseas departments, where the temperatures between the warm surface waters and the cold waters at depth are higher than in mainland France.

Are you ready for the quiz?

Are you ready for the quiz?