Renewable marine energies

What are renewable energies?

☀️ The sun
💨 The wind
🌍 The heat of the Earth
💧 The rivers
🌊 The tides


Allows us to produce


⚡️ Electricity
🔥 Heat
❄️ Cold
🌫️ Gas
⛽️ Fuel

This is what we call renewable energies (EnR).

It is said that these energy sources are inexhaustible and that they create little or no waste.

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The water

Water energy = Hydraulic energy

Water helps turn turbines to create energy like water mills or dams.

The wind

When the wind blows, it turns the blades of wind turbines to produce electricity.

The sunlight

Solar panels capture sunlight to produce electricity and heat buildings, for example.

The biomass

Plant materials, such as wood or compost for example, are what we call biomass. Often these materials are burned to be able to heat themselves.

The heat of the basement

Geothermal power plants harvest heat from deep within the earth to create energy.

Now let's talk about marine renewable energies


This is the name given to marine renewable energies.

What are EmRs used for?

They make it possible to produce electricity from the forces and resources of the sea , such as swell, currents, tides, the wind blowing at sea, warm surface waters, cold deep waters, etc.

Why do we say that EmR are renewable?

Since they are constantly replenished, their stock is unlimited!

Let’s discover the different marine energies together:

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Tidal energy

It is produced by the energy of currents: the stronger the current → the greater the energy produced.

Tidal energy

The sea powers turbines that produce electricity.

Wave energy

When the wind blows on the sea, the swell travels long distances and brings energy to the coast.

Thermal energy from the seas

The temperature differences between the warm surface waters and the cold waters of the depths create energy.

Wind energy

When the wind blows, it turns the blades of wind turbines which produce energy.

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