an offshore wind farm works

Offshore wind power, kézako?

marine renewable energy sheet you may have noticed that wind turbines operate on land but also at sea.

What are the advantages of offshore wind power?

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Offshore wind power can produce a lot of energy

At sea, the wind sometimes blows stronger than on land.
Offshore wind turbines can also be larger and stronger than those on land, creating a lot of electricity.

Offshore wind power is low-polluting

Offshore wind produces little CO2.

Offshore wind power is ideal for France

France has large and numerous maritime areas, which is ideal for offshore wind power.

Offshore wind power creates jobs

To build an offshore wind farm, you need engineers, technicians and specialized workers.

How does an offshore wind farm work?

To discover all the stages of operation of an offshore wind farm, watch the video below:

Wind turbines located at sea are called offshore wind turbines.

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Everything starts from the wind which turns the blades

The blades always face the wind. The wind turns the blades which are attached to a single part called a hub.

Electricity is transported using underwater cables

Electricity is carried by a cable located underground which goes to a station which then distributes this electricity to your house.

The blades drive a generator

Thanks to the sea winds, the blades drive the generator, which produces electricity.

Electricity reaches the earth

Electricity is carried by an underwater evacuation cable to a landfall junction and then to the connecting electrical substation, before powering your home.

How to build and connect an offshore wind farm?

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  • The construction:

Step #1

We manufacture the elements of wind turbines

Step #2

We transport the elements of wind turbines at sea

Step #3

Wind turbines are assembled at sea

  • The connection :

Step #1

We install the electrical station at sea

Step #2

We install the electrical cables at sea then down to land

Step #3

We connect the elements so that electricity reaches your home

The example of the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm:

What does the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm look like?

Off the coast of Saint-Brieuc Bay, the offshore wind farm has 62 wind turbines.

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The wind turbines of the Saint-Brieuc park:

They are fixed on jacket-type foundations.

The Saint-Brieuc park electrical substation:

It is located in the center of the wind farm.

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