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Experimentation with a collision avoidance system for avifauna

Objectives and methodology

This support measure concerns the testing of a system to avoid bird collisions with the blades of wind turbines in operation. The system is composed of a network of cameras, which detect the trajectories of different categories of birds, connected to a sound scaring system, which is activated once a bird enters a risky perimeter around the rotor of the wind turbine. Different systems are available on the market and operational for several years on onshore wind farms. Marinated versions adapted to offshore sea conditions are currently being developed, however they do not benefit from as much feedback as their land-based counterparts. This is why the choice of system was not fixed in the prefectural authorization orders.

This measure aims to test an existing system, consisting of 3 devices each attached to a wind turbine, distributed at the southern and northern ends as well as in the center of the park (see figure below).

Ailes Marines has approached potential suppliers and a call for tenders will be launched soon.


Location of actions

The three devices will be distributed along a north/south axis, wind turbines no. 57, 31 and 3 are currently preferred, subject to technical validation.

Schedule and Status

Measure under development

Monitoring will begin when the wind turbines in the park are commissioned for a period of 2 years during the operating phase of the park, i.e. in 2024 and 2025.

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