Reduction and avoidance measures

Reduction in the disturbance of the Balearic shearwater during periods of internuptial presence

Objectives and methodology

The objective of the measure is to inform site personnel to enable the avoidance of shearwater rafts by personnel transfer vessels (CTV) during work at sea and to raise public awareness.

This measure targeted departures from Saint-Quay-Portrieux (initial port of the construction phase), because the impact study had highlighted that rafts of shearwaters were present between this port and the construction area at sea. However, the location of the port has evolved and it will be located in Lézardrieux. Rafts of shearwaters are no longer found on shipping routes and the risk of encountering them is now negligible, thereby reducing the incidence identified in the impact study. The measure was therefore adapted to meet new needs.

The measure has a double scope:


Public information

Following prior collaborative work between Ailes Marines and local ornithological associations, an information and awareness leaflet will be distributed to the public and those involved in recreational activities during local events. These documents will also be relayed by tourist offices, sailing schools and even certain maritime operators. Two annual awareness operations will also be implemented from 2021 to 2023.

Raising awareness among CTV operators ( Ailes Marines personnel transfer vessels)

Other actions will particularly target ship personnel linked to the wind farm site. As such, CTV staff will be made aware before the start of the project. Captains and members of the flight crew will be trained in recognizing the species. In the event of detection of a raft, the captain of the ship will have the obligation to transmit the position of the Balearic Shearwaters encountered (so that the information circulates to all Ailes Marines crew), and to avoid the said raft in order to limit their disturbance.

Location of actions

Awareness-raising operations will be organized in two coastal communities to the east and west of the bay of Saint-Brieuc.

Schedule and Status

Measure under development


  • Awareness program for the construction phase 1% 1%


  • Raising awareness among the public and sea users 1% 1%

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