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Monitoring of marine mammals by photo-identification

Objectives and methodology

The objective is to contribute to the knowledge of marine mammals in the GNB by contributing to the catalog currently being created by the Cotentin Cetacean Study Group . This measure therefore includes outings financed by Ailes Marines .
Two species are targeted by this measure: the bottlenose dolphin and the Risso's dolphin.

The bottlenose dolphin

The risso dolphin

The objective is therefore to participate in the enrichment of the photo identification catalog of individuals of bottlenose dolphins present in the GNB, and to participate in the creation of this catalog for Risso's dolphins. This method thus makes it possible to acquire valuable information relating to fidelity to a site, movement zones and living space, periods of attendance, individual relationships, the life cycle and the ecology of the site. species in the broad sense.

A letter of intent from the GECC has been issued for the implementation of this measure. Discussions will take place with this organization in 2022 to prepare for the implementation of this measure.

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Three follow-up sessions will be organized:

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