Follow-up actions

Photomontages after construction

Objectives and methodology

The objective of this measure is to validate that the photomontages presented as part of the impact study were representative of reality once the wind farm was installed.

Photographs will be taken at the locations selected for the photomontages as part of the project. Just as during the realization of the photomontages, for several points of view, variants will be made:

Variations according to weather conditions

Variants illustrating the perception of the project at night if possible

  • From the island of Brehat to the Peacock Point
  • From the peak of Plouézec
  • From the beach of Saint-Quay-Portrieux
  • From the dike of the Rosaires beach in Plérin
  • From the beach of Pléneuf-Val-André
  • From the beach of Saint-Pabu in Erquy
  • From Cape Erquy
  • From the Sables d'Or beach in Fréhel
  • From the D34 towards the chapel of San Sebastian de Pléhérel
  • From the countryside west of Plévenon
  • From the Cap Fréhel lighthouse (Restaurant)
  • From the Cap Fréhel lighthouse (Parking)
  • From the top of the Cape Frehel lighthouse...
  • From the dungeon of the Fort de la Latte
  • From the tip of Saint-Cast
  • From Holland's stronghold in Saint-Malo
  • From the tip of Corbière on the island of Jersey
  • From the tip of Plouha
  • From the beach of Saint-Enogat in Dinard
  • From the Pointe de la Garde Guérin in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer
  • From the D786 at Bellevue, in Erquy
  • From Pointe de Pléneuf to Pléneuf-Val-André
  • From the Saint-Michel beach in Erquy
  • From the D34 to the Pointe de la Guette in Plevenon
  • From Beauport Abbey in Paimpol
  • From Port Moguer to Plouha
  • From the rue de la Mer in Plérin
  • From the bottom of the bay from Saint-Brieuc to Langueux
  • From the port of Binic
  • From the point of the Trinity (the cross of the Widows in Ploubazlanec
  • From Saint-Briac-sur-Mer
  • From Elizabeth Castle in Saint-Helier
  • From Bon Abri à Hillion Beach
  • From Talbert's furrow to Pleubian...
  • From the Mont-Saint-Michel west terrace of the abbey
  • From the tip of the Meinga at Saint-Coulomb
  • Facing Erquy
  • Saint-Cast-le-Guildo
  • Off Fréhel
  • South of the wind farm
  • Southwest of the park
  • Big Leo
  • Harbour Island
  • Jersey Ferry Route

These photographs will be compiled in a report and presented to local authorities and members of the SMC.

Location of actions

The plan for locating the points of view of the photomontages made during the impact study will be used identically to make the new photographs, using the same type of camera.

Planning and Status


Measure under development

After construction of the wind farm, in 2024

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