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Navantia-Windar begins production
of foundation elements for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm

One year after the selection of the Navantia-Windar consortium to manufacture the foundations of the wind turbines for the Saint-Brieuc offshore park, the two companies are now established in the Brest polder and are actively collaborating with Breton companies. Seventeen local companies have already worked on the Navantia-Windar site located on the new EMR terminal in Brest. Two new contracts were signed today and the consortium is in negotiations with 20 other companies.

Brest / Saint-Brieuc / Paris / October 2, 2020 – Navantia-Windar presented today, in its facilities in the Brest polder, the main advances in its construction program for the elements of 34 of the 62 foundations which will equip the wind farm in the Saint-Brieuc sea. As a reminder, the foundation technology used by Ailes Marines is of the three-leg “jacket” type. These are structures in the form of a steel wire mesh weighing up to 1,150 tonnes, with a height of up to 75 meters, fixed to the seabed by piles.




Elements manufactured at the Port of Brest

The elements manufactured at the Port of Brest are the parts of the upper and lower parts of these foundations (714 nodes, 186 points, 306 crosspieces, 102 high legs and 102 low legs). In total, more than 35,000 tonnes of steel will be assembled in the Navantia-Windar workshops and in the factories of Breton subcontractors. A year ago, the commitment made by Navantia-Windar was to position the port of Brest as a major industrial center for offshore wind in Europe – in the words of Susana de Sarriá, the president of Navantia.

Since then, the consortium has increased calls for applications from Breton companies, through Bretagne Ocean Power. Moreover, two new contracts with the Breton companies Sobec and Navtis were announced today for the manufacturing of jacket components.

Thus, Navantia-Windar confirms the mobilization of 250 full-time equivalent jobs during the jacket manufacturing period.

The start of construction of the jacket foundation elements on the Brest polder officially launches the Saint-Brieuc project into its manufacturing phase.

“Navantia and Windar are particularly proud of their contribution to the local economy and the environment. The joint venture has established a structured and realistic schedule to ensure the production of jackets and associated logistics at the port of Brest. Our objective is to strengthen the links between our two regions, Brittany and Galicia, by creating a secure supply chain, which will allow us to pursue future offshore wind projects in France together. »

Jorge Filgueira

Director of Navantia Ria de Ferrol

​“After announcing the realization of the first 1,100 jobs in France mobilized on the project, the start of the manufacturing of foundation elements in the workshop located at the port of Brest marks a new major step in the establishment of the sector dedicated to marine energies in France and Brittany. We thank Navantia-Windar and the Brittany Region for all the work accomplished during this very special period. »

Javier Garcia Perez

President of Ailes Marines and International Offshore Director of Iberdrola


About Ailes Marines

Winner in April 2012 of a national call for projects with the Saint-Brieuc Bay offshore wind farm project, AILES MARINES is in charge of the development, construction, installation and operation of the park. offshore wind farm. It is a simplified joint stock company (SAS), 100% owned by IBERDROLA.
The key figures of the Saint-Brieuc Bay offshore wind project:

  • 75 km2 of area
  • 62 Siemens-Gamesa 8 MW wind turbines
  • 496 MW of installed power
  • 1,820 GWh/year of production, i.e. the annual electricity consumption of 835,000 inhabitants (heating included)
GE Grid Solutions

About Navantia

The Spanish shipbuilder Navantia, 100% owned by SEPI, the Spanish government's industrial holding company, is a world reference in the design, construction and assembly of cutting-edge ships, but also in the repair and modernization of ships.
The company is also involved in the design and manufacturing of integrated platform management systems, fire detection systems, control systems, propulsion installations, while providing support and support. monitored throughout the life of its products. Navantia has a ship repair business, which ranges from routine repairs to refit programs, including conversions. The company has specific locations and expertise to support complex repair work, including on LNG carriers and cruise ships. Navantia has fleet maintenance agreements with the world's largest ship owners. At the same time, the company is diversifying its activity towards the offshore wind market, and is a leading manufacturer of floating structures, jacket foundations and electrical substations.

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