Presentation to the local press of noise and turbidity measurement tools at sea.

On 12 October, Ailes Marines organised a visit to the Lézardrieux logistics base for the press.
The day began with a visit to the Lézardrieux logistics base, with a presentation of the installations and the heavy pontoon.

The journalists then boarded the TSM Windcat 49, the first French flag vessel created for the Saint-Brieuc park.

Accompanied by Delphine Mathias from the SOMME research office and Florian Lecorps from the Biotope research office, they visited the site to discover the facilities set up for environmental monitoring.

Acoustic buoys measure the noise level during the construction phase.

2 turbidity buoys in the work area and 3 fixed buoys around the work area also allow for enhanced turbidity monitoring in the work area.




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