Wind energy and biodiversity seminar.

A look back at the 4th edition of the Wind and Biodiversity seminar which took place on 17 and 18 November 2021 in the Grand Amphithéâtre du MNHN in Paris.

Last Wednesday, Ailes Marines went to the wind energy and biodiversity seminar organised by the @LPO.

This meeting should make it possible to reconcile the development of renewable energies with the imperatives of preserving biodiversity.🐦🦇

Organised by the LPO, with the support of theADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition and with the participation of the Syndicat des Énergies Renouvelables and France Énergie Éolienne, this event should enable a state of knowledge to be established on the potential impacts of wind farms, the means of measuring them and mitigating them on land and at sea.

For two days, researchers, naturalists, wind energy stakeholders and government departments discussed a common objective: to reconcile the objectives of developing renewable energy with the need to preserve biodiversity.

On this occasion, our service provider Biotope gave its first feedback on the evolution of bird survey techniques and presented the different aircraft technologies deployed for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm project.






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